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Ouaga Doré

Ouaga Doré is a duty-free gold market in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

14 - 30


A gold value chain encompassing a luxury goods market


Ouaga Doré is situated at the intersection between the gold mining industry (especially artisanal and small-scale gold mining) and the local artisanal industry. The juxtaposition of gold and highly skilled craftsmen and artisans will create a budding market for the global luxury industry creating a regional market that supports a gold economy. Don’t miss out on this unique duty-free market experience!

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Voyage Doré

Original music by Solo Diara for Ouaga Doré inspired by the golden journey of life. Sweat, suffering, risk, and reward.  Collaboration, service, loss, courage, and perseverance. The trials and testing. Paths through water and fire, then fire and water, to eventually come out into a wealthy place. This is a journey every human soul knows. From its journey through the earth, human hands, the ancient desert sands it crossed in Trans Sahara trade to the golden future of its celebration in Burkina Faso. In mystery and openness, this is the journey of gold


Highlights of Ouaga Doré

Introducing Burkina Faso’s Golden Future

Conveying the present role of Burkina Faso in the regional gold ecosystem and its opportunity to develop a gold economy and become a viable gold market hub – Ouaga Doré is also a vehicle to develop the gold value-chain

Launch of Commemorative gold medallions and Savings Products

Kian Smith gold refinery will be producing gold wire and sheets for jewelers, gold savings products for retail. The refinery has also been commissioned to produce commemorative medallions for Ouaga Dore of 99.99% gold purity. The savings products and medallions will be launched at Ouaga Dore and available for sale online later in the year in Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

Gold & Jewelry Market 

A regional gold market-place that will attract jewelers and gold buyers from the region with digital participation from the rest of West Africa and the world. The gold market will also feature silver products, luxury crafts incorporating embellishments with precious metals and collectible pieces connected to the region's luxury trade history. 

Sanu: Launching Digital platform for gold & silver 

Sanu is a digital platform for accessing gold and silver with West African and digital currencies

Ouaga Doré Digital

(The online festival and market experience)


Given the economic climate and restrictions in travel and movement, as well as the launching of Sanu digital currency, this creates the perfect opportunity to create a simultaneous online market for distant visitors. Participants can enjoy the exhibition, join the auction and shop online at the gold and luxury market.

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