Gold Durbar

Gold Durbar is the first-ever duty-free gold market taking place in Kano

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Gold Durbar is the first-ever duty-free gold market taking place from 1-7 August 2020 in Kano, Nigeria.  The 2020 Gold Durbar festival has been chosen as the catalyst for a gold renaissance in West Africa and the beginning of building a gold economy in Nigeria.  It’s an initiative to boost Kano in becoming a hub for national economic recovery and growth by establishing its place as an international destination for gold.

The Gold Durbar features a market for trading gold, purchasing gold jewelry & inspired design & lifestyle products

  • Trade: Dore & Refined bars

  • Jewelry & Savings products e.g. medallions, coins and beads

  • Design: Art, objects and functional art e.g. home and living décor, mirror and picture frames, table and flatware

  • Lifestyle: Food, body, and wellbeing e.g. perfume & soaps

With one of the largest economies and populations in Africa, Nigeria is a top contender as the largest emerging market for luxury goods in Africa, especially for gold.  

Image by Malte Michels

A thriving gold culture

Kano is a historic city and empire that was part of an ancient trade route where merchants exchanged indigo, gold, spices, and ivory.  The inherent wealth of the region has unbreakable links between culture and gold. Promoting and developing Kano’s gold industry and the economy will also provide economic empowerment across artisanal and cultural economies.  Be part of a gold trade renaissance and join us in Kano in August 2020!

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