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Lagos Love Gold

The culmination of the gold initiatives happens here, with the original artwork auction in real time.



Location: Lagos, Nigeria


Revel in a jewelry market and fair that celebrates local gold jewelry design and craftsmanship


Gold Market
Art Auction

Calling all gold lovers! 

Lagos Love Gold is an exclusive gold bazaar experience and gold art immersion showcasing local and regional jewelry makers and designers to provide an exclusive shopping experience and discreet networking, timed specifically during ‘Valentine’s Month’, in the heart of Nigeria’s commercial and financial capital.

A selection of bespoke jewelers

Lagos Love Gold has curated a showcase of local and regional gold jewelers, highlighting home-grown brilliance in jewelry craft and design. Sourcing gold locally opens up a conversation on how to sustainably grow and unlock the gold jewelry industry for the future.





Featured at Lagos Love Gold

African woman

A year of gold initiatives

Following the Gold West Africa: Developing the West African gold economy conference in Lagos in June 2019, eight outcomes were identified that informed the course of action and focus for 2020: A series of gold markets were planned, to showcase locally refined gold as well as to promote the local gold jewelry industry while at the same time engage gold sector stakeholders on how to integrate and develop the value chain further.  These initiatives took place in Kano, Nigeria, Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso and in Dakar, Senegal.  Lagos Love Gold is the culmination of all these initiatives, with the purpose to showcase gold products, gold art and gold jewelry.  


Visit our space of gold, luxury and functional art!

The West Wing
Wings Towers
Victoria Island, Lagos
(On Ozumba Mbadiwe Way)

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