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Gold West Africa Conference is the policy, strategy, and investment round-table for the development of the West African gold economy.

8 - 9


Event Highlights

Project Investment & Finance Deal Room

The second annual Gold West Africa Conference puts deal-making and capital raise at the forefront and brings together regional and international governments, mining companies, high net worth individuals, funds, and investors to consider handpicked projects for investment and technical partnership.


The conference facilitates access to a database of screened and ranked gold projects across West Africa. 


Project Vetting & Screening

  • Project vetting will occur in two phases eventually easing the identification of projects for investment awards in various categories.

  • The vetting team will involve reputable technical firms accredited with NGSA, MCO & MMSD.

  • For projects outside Nigeria, we will work with various national Ministries of Mines and their accredited technical consultants.


  • The vetting team will also involve the advisory of an internationally accredited consulting firm with offices, projects and reach in the entire region of West Africa

  • A comprehensive process for project entry commences with an appropriate legal and documentation process protecting all parties. A detailed checklist and final review will give project rankings in various categories such as investment range, operation size, exploration, mining, processing, and trading.

Conference Highlights

  • Gold policy, development roadmap, and standardization

  • Gold value chain projects and Initiatives

  • Financial services for Artisanal and Small Scale Mining

  • Trade finance, project finance and access to capital

  • Overview of regional Gold Mining Sector: Perspectives from the vetting team

  • Overview of the regional Gold Markets: Jewelry, Trade Art and Culture

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